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Nobody is superior. Nobody is inferior. Nobody is equal either. We’re all different. You are you. And I am I. 


 In quite recent of times, I’ve found myself engaged in an inner strife. A war you could say-between me and myself. Not to be very philosophical or intellectual but it’s actually true. My heart and my brain have been battling it out quite too much on something distantly but sufficiently related to love. Is feeling hurt because of someone you love, a betrayal from your side? 

Most of you would be thinking if that even is a subject worthy of a second thought. Yet if you do by any chance decide to give it a second thought, the issue seems to make your heart throb. While the view points seem cloud and dirt I may very well be standing in contradiction to my first blog. But does it matter? As long as I’m questioning, I feel satisfied. 

If you love say, Ms. X, is it obligatory for X to understand your view point? Seems very debatable but I guess no. NO! We’re all products of our choices. Or as the pessimistic view poor explains-of our past. And it isn’t an obligation for X to understand me. All we need is someone to count on. But wait, what if you have no one to count on? Even the person who you love. What then?

I do not know about what your idea is, but I’m a strong believer of the fact that nothing is constant. Even the ones loving you unconditionally aren’t. Because death is the common destination we all share.** So why not embrace our true selfs and just be  US? As long as you know who you are, you know what you want and you know what you’re going to do-everything is under control.  


**Referrence from the commencement speech by Steven Paul Jobs at the Stanford University. 

The cover image and the featured image were posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on instagram on, 7/3/2017